Cases of Interest 2023

Timothy ShalobaIncestThe accused is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of his SisterHon Mukonde (Solwezi) 31/03/2023
Samuel MubitaDefilementThe accused is a Priesthood Student under catholic church. His alleged to have repeatedly had carnal knowledge of a grade 11 pupil at Sefelu Secondary School until she got
Pregnant and caused her to abort.
Hon. Sifali
Dennis Mate SimasikuIncestThe accused is married and is alleged to have carnal knowledge of his daughter aged 15 years.Hon. Sifali
Elson Loyola
Sydney Kalusa
Illegal possession of trophy of a protected animalThe two accused persons jointly and whilst acting together had in their possession bones of an elephantHon Mukonde
Mataa MukelebaiDefilementThe accused is aged 98 years and the Prosecutrix is 14 years old. Accused argues that he is Sexually incapable whereas the victim maintains that he is the one who defiled her repeatedly. Hon. Sifali
Fumbelo MunyanoTheft by public ServantThe accused is an accountant and its alleged to have stolen money from
Kambule Secondary School.
Hon. Manyipa27/03/2023
Brian SichulaDefilementAccused person a police officer allegedly defiled Hellen Nsamba aged 13Hon. Mumba
Chishimba KambwiliExpressing hatred and ridicule for Persons because of tribe and place of Origin
Accused person allegedly uttered words expressing hatred and ridicule against Tonga speaking People because of tribe and place of originHon. Mumba
Justine Mwangala Mukumbuta,
Peter Mwang’ombe, and Kupota Sitali
Theft by Public Servant1st accused is a security guard at Mongu district Hospital. 3rd accused was apprehended with 498 rapid diagnostic testing kits for malaria valued at k23,440.86 Hon. Simwatachela
Felimu Makufele Makufele,
Wakalala Nanjeke, Blessings Lubinda, Mukumbuta Akushanga, Mulemwa Sichilwandi, Aaron Mubita and Bisenga Njamba
Attempt to traffic in a childThe seven accused Persons are alleged to have advertised to sell an albino boy child aged 17 years who is a pupil at Sefula school for the blind. Amongst the accused persons are: two teachers, a1 and a7, nurse a2, school matron a5.Hon. Manyepa23/03/2023
Anoshi SakutomaTheft by public servantThe accused by virtue of his employment did steal drugs amounting to K 6,021=75 the property Kalumbila District HospitalHon Mukonde (Solwezi) 21/03/2023
Ngenda Alibandila,Kangenda Muyeba,Muleza Siakalembo,Uyoya Uyoya,Wamundila Nganga, Susiku Simui And Likando Muyangwa.Unlawful possession of game animal and unlawful hunting 2nd accused is a ZAWA security Officer. It is alleged that the accused persons were found with extra five wild beasts in their possession.Hon mushitu
Mathias ChabingaObtaining Money by false pretencesAccused person is charged with 4 counts of obtaining money by false pretences. Brief facts are that between the 10th day of august, 2020 and the 1st day of December, 2020, accused person is alleged to have obtained cash altogether amounting to k279, 800 the property of Wazamu Simbeye by falsely pretending that he had a contract of Supplying Mining Materials when infact not. Hon Malabo (Solwezi) 17/03/2023
Danny Mwiya Libanga + 2Theft by Public Servant and theft respectively1st and 2nd accused are a pharmacist and security guard at Nalolo district health office respectively whereas 3rd accused is wife to a named police officer at Mongu central police station. They are alleged to have stolen Coartem drugs from Nalolo health office.Hon. Sifali

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