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Subordinate Court

Cases of Interest 2023

Kaizer Zulu Failure to surrender passportAccused is alleged to have failed to comply with immigration lawsHon. Munyinya15/05/23
Chishimba KambwiliUnlawful assembly and expressing hate speechThe accused allegedly convened an unlawful assembly
And uttered words expressing hate speech
Hon kawama18/05/23
Allan Muchulu Defilement The accused person is a pastor in the church attended by the victim.Hon. M. Mwenya 19/05/23
Teddy Simwanza Incest The accused person is the father to the victim aged 12years Hon. M. Mwenya 20/05/23
Royd Chipili Malicious Damage to Property & Assault O.A.B.H Accused Person allegedly maliciously damaged a windowpane to the Kaputa District Commissioner’s Office and assaulted the security officer who was on duty.Hon. Mukoma
Joseph SimukokoObstruction of a Police Officer in the Due Execution of Duty Accused Person who is also Mbala District UPND Youth Chairperson allegedly obstructed a Police Officer from impounding his motor vehicle Hon. Mondoka
Benard KakingaObtaining money by false pretences.Accused is councillor for kimasala ward in solwezi alleged to have obtained k25, 000 by falsely pretending that he had been awarded a contract of fixing steet lights in solwezi and he would pay it back after he had been paid, when in fact not.Hon.Mukonde