The criminal justice system in any democratic dispensation plays a vital role in ensuring that the rule of law and the basic tenets of democracy are maintained.   Zambia is privileged to have a robust and dynamic legal framework that allows it to respond to the changing needs of society.  It is in that spirit that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions was transformed into an autonomous institution called the National Prosecution Authority by the enactment of Act No. 34 of 2010.  Further, the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia in Article 180 provides that the Director of Public Prosecutions is the Chief Prosecutor for Government and the head of the National Prosecution Authority.

Following the enactment of the National Prosecution Authority Act there was a need to put in place structures that would respond to the evolving nature of the criminal justice in our society. In addition to the already existing traditional role of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in dealing with violent crimes, the National Prosecution Authority began to get fully involved in the prosecution of gender based crimes, financial crimes and other emerging crimes such as cybercrimes.  The transformation of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions also led to the incorporation of public prosecutors from key law enforcement agencies.  This is an ongoing process.

Going forward, in order to achieve the Constitutional mandate of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the National Prosecution Authority intends to focus on building the capacity of its public prosecutors in all areas of criminal law.  This can only be achieved by pursuing frontiers that have never been reached, by perfecting skills that already exist and by drawing from experiences that have already been had.   The launching of this Website is therefore key in ensuring that networks are established with key stakeholders and all other people that may be interested in the dispensation of criminal justice in Zambia.

It is hoped that the Website will not only be a resource pool but also provide a platform for interaction with members of the public. Often the general populace is left behind when it comes to new laws and Court set precedents. Regular updating of the Website with latest statutes and recent judgments from all Courts from the Magistrate Courts to the Supreme Court will allow for transparency and predictability in the dispensation of criminal justice.

It is our hope that this Website will be a relevant and useful tool to all who visit it.




Thank you.