International Asset recovery and return of k700, 000 Cash


The NPA has successfully recovered over K700,000 cash which was stolen and laundered by a Mauritian national who was employed by a Zambian based Mauritian Company Forges Tardieu Zambia Limited (FTZ) in Mazabuka district of the Southern province of Zambia.

Mr. Dhiraj Dhumputh was employed as a Site Construction Manager by the Company and proceeded to engage in fraudulent activities using fake receipts, invoices and delivery orders. The case was reported to the Drug Enforcement Commission who forwarded the matter to NPA for trial. The NPA launched a 2 pronged, parallel approach in the matter which involved criminal proceeding and civil forfeiture proceedings at the same time.

Mr Dhumputh raised defences in both matters, however Honorable Justice Susan Wanjelani found that the money was tainted and forfeited it to the State in the civil proceeding, a similar position was taken in the criminal proceedings where Senior Resident Magistrate Stanford Ngobola convicted of Mr. Dhumputh on 16 theft and money laundering charges. Mr. Dhumputh had also unsuccessfully appealed his loss to the Constitutional Court, which case was dismissed.

In the spirit of international cooperation and asset recovery, The NPA intends to return the monies to FTZ and the parties are discussing the modalities of the operation.

!!Crime won’t pay!!