Values & Functions

Who we are

The National Prosecution Authority is a statutory board established by the National Prosecution Authority act No. 34 of 2010.

Our Values

In executing our mission, we are committed to observing the following values:

  1. Integrity
    We will put the obligations of the Authority above personal interest and conduct ourselves in a manner that is above reproach.
  2. Fairness
    We will act solely on the merits of a given case and serve with impartiality.
  3. Transparency
    We will, within our mandate, avail stakeholders with information requested for in an impartial and honest manner, unless the withholding of information is necessary in public interest.
  4. Accountability
    We will take responsibility for decisions made and submit to appropriate scrutiny in the execution of our mandate.
  5. Predictability
    We will be consistent in the application of the law in the delivery of prosecution services.
  6. Teamwork
    We will execute our duties in a collaborative, consultative and participatory manner.

  1. appoint state advocates and prosecutors and promote appropriate standards of practice by state advocates and prosecutors in criminal prosecution;
  2. develop, promote and enforce internationally comparable practice standards for prosecutors;
  3. promote the integrity and enhance the status of state advocates and prosecutors so as to promote honorable and good practice and increase the confidence of the public in state advocates and prosecutors;
  4. promote an understanding of professional ethics amongst the prosecutors and ensure that the rules and guidelines for professional ethics are responsive to the effective administration of criminal justice; 456 No. 34 of 2010] National Prosecution Authority Establishment of National Prosecution Authority Cap. 71 Seal of Authority Functions of Authority
  5. implement an effective prosecution mechanism so as to maintain the rule of law and contribute to fair and equitable criminal justice and the effective protection of citizens against crime;
  6. conduct research into the various disciplines of law so as to study the role that the prosecution mechanism should play in establishing effective rule of law and human rights and to bring the law in line with the developments and best practices of other countries;
  7. cooperate with the police, the courts, the legal profession and other Government agencies or institutions so as to ensure the fairness and effectiveness of prosecutions; and
  8. do all such other things as are necessary or incidental to the performance of its functions under this Act.