National Prosecutions Authority statement on the commemoration of international Women’s Day.


The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) joins hands with all Zambians and the rest of the world in commemorating the International Womens Day under the theme “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality”. This year’s theme resonates with the NPA’s desire to make digital platforms for women safe in order for them to thrive and be empowered in all spheres of human endeavour whether politics, business or entertainment. Online and technology-facilitated violence against women occurs on different platforms and with a variety of tools, both publicly accessible and private, such as social networks, private messaging apps, e-mails, dating apps, forums, media comment sections, video games or videoconferencing platforms. The violence is often visible to the public and shared without limitation by multiple means, re-victimising the victims constantly in the process. When women fall victim to online exploitation and abuse many of them face challenges in seeking redress through the legal system due to prohibitive legal fees and a justice system that is highly centralised and not available to the grass roots. The NPA plays a pivotal role in protecting women from violence that is perpetuated in the digital space, by robustly prosecuting such cases in a victim centred manner. It is the NPA’s desire to ensure that women access digital spaces in a safe manner and accord them the same opportunities as men. Women’s access to and participation in technology is necessary for the development of Zambia and we urge all women to continue fighting and participating in this field. We wish our beloved women of Zambia a Happy Womens Day!