Navigating the Path to Justice: Chief Justice Mumba Malila’s Insights on Prosecution



Navigating the Path to Justice: Chief Justice Mumba Malila’s Insights on Prosecution

In a powerful address at the National Prosecution Authority’s Inaugural Prosecutor’s Conference held in Livingstone from the 21st to the 23rd August, 2023, Chief Justice Mumba Malila articulated the symbiotic relationship between a prosecutor’s performance and the public’s perception of justice.

Upholding the Rule of Law:

Chief Justice Malila emphasised that entrenching the rule of law is paramount to a just society. He underscored the prosecutor’s role in promoting it and ensured that criminal proceedings are initiated solely based on evidence of alleged criminal activity. A departure from this principle subverts the very essence of justice.

Maintaining Impartiality:

With a rallying call for independence and impartiality, Dr. Malila reminded us that justice must transcend political pressures. Prosecutors must stand firm, unwavering in the face of external influences, and base their decisions solely on the law and the evidence at hand.

Timely Justice:

Dr. Malila advocated for expeditious trials, especially in high-profile economic and financial crimes cases. He highlighted that delays can compromise the integrity of proceedings and justice itself. Balancing due process with the urgency of justice, he underscores the importance of prosecuting efficiently.

Trust and Integrity:

The Chief Justice addressed the crucial issue of public trust. He urged prosecutors to exemplify personal integrity, setting the tone for a just society. By doing so, they inspire confidence and create a foundation of trust that sustains the fight against corruption.

Join us as we delve deeper into Chief Justice Dr. Mumba Malila’s thought-provoking insights that navigate the landscape of prosecution, justice, and societal transformation.