The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) wishes to inform the public that on the 13th, 15th and 16th of November 2023 respectively, it scored three landmark victories in the fight against economic and financial crimes and successfully facilitated the forfeiture to the State of high value properties and colossal amounts of money as itemised below:

  1. In the first case the NPA wishes to inform the public that it successfully obtained a consent judgment after a spirited fight leading to the forfeiture of high-value flats located in Jesmondine Lusaka, which were identified as tainted property and proceeds of crime. These properties are estimated to be worth well over six million Kwacha (ZMW 6,000,000.) and encompass seven fully furnished stand-alone double-storey flats with a communal swimming pool. This forfeiture represents a substantial leap forward in combating illicit financial activities. It serves as a compelling example of the meticulous asset recovery efforts undertaken by the National Prosecution Authority in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Commission. This Consent Judgment is a significant development in the NPA’s continuous pursuit to safeguard the nation’s assets and promote justice within the Zambian legal landscape.
  2. The NPA further wishes to report to the public, that it recorded another victory in the case relating to a Nigerian national namely Jeffrey Nnaoma Michaels where money amounting to over K36,551,852 held in various bank accounts was identified as tainted property and proceeds of crime . The sums forfeited to the State were from the accounts belonging to two companies namely Avalon Logistics Limited and Absolute Logistics Limited which were being run by the aforesaid national. The company bank accounts had large value transactions and complicated transfers that were not commensurate to the nature of the registered businesses. These irregular transactions were flagged in the banking system and led to a successful investigation and forfeiture to the state.
  3. Finally, the NPA wishes to report another successful Non – Conviction Based Forfeiture application involving The Big Tree Investment Limited. In this case four Toyota Land cruiser motor vehicles which were suspected to be proceeds of crime were forfeited to the State with no appearance or objection being made by the subject company nor its directors. The four motor vehicles were forfeited to the NPA in its capacity as the Applicant.

The NPA wishes to inform the public that in Non-Conviction Based Forfeiture proceedings, the NPA initiates an action in accordance with the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act, against the tainted property and not the person or owner of the property.

These court judgments are an exhibition of the NPA’s dedication and commitment to fighting financial and economic crime. The NPA could not have scored these successes without the unfailing support of the Drug Enforcement Commission, whose robust investigative techniques have led to the aforementioned forfeitures.

The NPA remains steadfast in delivering justice, upholding the nation’s integrity, and safeguarding the rights of every citizen.


Chali Mbewe-Hambayi

Public Relations Officer