The National Prosecution Authority delegation visiting Ireland on a learning exchange programme.


The Director of Public Prosecutions is visiting Ireland in collaboration with the Irish Rule of Law International and the Irish Embassy. The purpose of the visit is to enable the Zambian delegation  understand how Ireland deals with  corruption  , financial crimes and asset  recovery .In this regard, the DPP   met with officials  from  Limerick University, the discussion focused  on corruption and financial crime courses that can  be introduced in Zambian universities. 

The DPP later met   with Justice Peter Kelly ( retired President of the High Court in Ireland) who shared experiences on how the Irish  legal system has created laws which ensure that Judges deliver judgements in a stipulated time frame. It was emphasised that timelines are important as they ensure that cases do not delay and justice dispensed expeditiously. The Zambian delegation includes the Director General of the Anti Corruption Commission and officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission.