Zambia’s DPP Collaborates with IACCC to Combat Corruption.


London, 29 Sep, 2023

In the vibrant ambiance of the 28th International Prosecutors’ Association (IAP) Annual General Meeting held in London, Zambia’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr. Gilbert Phiri SC, and his delegation embarked on a mission that could reshape international efforts against corruption. Their transformative meeting with key figures from the International Anti-Corruption Coordination Centre (IACCC) held the promise of enhanced global cooperation in the fight against corruption. 

Among the distinguished individuals that Mr. Phiri and his team had the privilege of meeting during this critical encounter were Tai Chang, a representative of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP); Danny Murphy, the head of the IACCC; and David Coonan, an FBI TAP advisor specializing in South Africa. Together, they explored innovative ways to enhance international cooperation in the relentless battle against corruption.

The highlights of Mr. Phiri’s visit included an enlightening tour of the IACCC’s headquarters. This visit provided invaluable insights into the organisation’s infrastructure and operational capabilities. It was during this tour, as the team examined the inner workings of the IACCC, that they stood alongside the head of the IACCC, highlighting the mutual interest in fostering collaboration between the Zambian National Prosecution Authority and this influential international body.

The need for such collaborative efforts in the fight against corruption is self-evident. Corruption is a multifaceted challenge that undermines societies, hinders economic growth, and erodes public trust in institutions. It is a global issue that transcends borders and impacts nations worldwide.

As the DPP and his team met with IACCC officials and engaged in discussions about potential areas of cooperation, a new chapter in the fight against corruption may have begun. With the IACCC’s wealth of experience and global reach, combined with Zambia’s dedication to upholding the rule of law, this partnership could lead to groundbreaking initiatives that will help root out corruption on an international scale.

While the specifics of their collaborative efforts are yet to be unveiled, the seeds of cooperation have been sown. As Mr. Phiri and his associates return to Zambia, they carry with them the hope of a brighter future, where nations unite to combat corruption and uphold the principles of justice and transparency.

In a world where the fight against corruption is an ongoing battle, this meeting during the 28th IAP Annual General Meeting may prove to be a turning point. The collaboration between Zambia’s DPP and the IACCC stands as proof if the power of international cooperation in the pursuit of a corruption-free world.