Empowering Zambia’s Military: Enhancing Legal Proficiency for National Security


Lusaka, 5th Sep, 2023

In an exciting and collaborative effort to enhance national security and deepen the understanding of criminal law within the ranks of the military, Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Gilbert A. Phiri, SC held a significant meeting today with the Deputy Zambia Army Commander and Chief of Staff, Major General Geoffrey Zyeele. Flanked by Mr. Gammaliel Zimba, Deputy Chief State Advocate in the Appeals Unit, this rendezvous was nothing short of a historic occasion.

At the core of these discussions lies a profound intention—to provide our brave servicemen and women with an extensive understanding of criminal law. This partnership represents the fusion of legal expertise and military leadership, transcending the conventional boundaries of their respective domains.

While the focus remains on safeguarding the nation, it also extends to empowering our military personnel with legal knowledge that will undoubtedly bolster their capabilities in the field. This commitment is a manifestation of their dedication and resolute pursuit of excellence in serving our country.

The implications of this partnership are substantial. It signifies the convergence of justice and security, assuring every citizen of Zambia that they are protected by a highly proficient and capable security force. This collaboration represents a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, promising a future marked by enhanced security and legal proficiency.