Unveiling The SGBV Prosecution Dashboard: A Game-Changer In The Fight Against Gender-Based Violence


In a powerful demonstration of commitment to eradicating Gender-Based Violence (GBV), the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) of Zambia, in partnership with the European Union’s Natwampane Project, unveiled the groundbreaking SGBV Prosecution Dashboard during a well-attended launch. At the heart of this initiative is the imperative to confront the harrowing statistics that reveal the extent of GBV’s grip on the nation.

DPP Mr. Gilbert A. Phiri, SC, commenced the event by sharing compelling insights into the gravity of the issue. The data unveiled the stark reality that in 2022 alone, two individuals lost their lives to GBV every week. Disturbingly, 22 children suffered sexual and physical abuse every single day, highlighting the deeply concerning vulnerability of Zambia’s youth. Furthermore, a staggering 1,641 women faced the traumatic experience of sexual or physical abuse each month.

Mr. Phiri emphasised the intolerable nature of this injustice, underscoring the profound impact on victims. Victims of sexual violence often wrestle with significant barriers to accessing justice, such as stigma, stereotypes, and myths surrounding these crimes. It is the solemn duty of the prosecution service to counter these negative norms and provide victim-centred prosecutions that hold perpetrators accountable.

The power of data in the fight against GBV cannot be overstated. This partnership between the NPA and the European Union’s Natwampane Project represents a significant leap forward in Zambia’s commitment to combat sexual and gender-based violence.

This sophisticated online data management system empowers prosecutors with real-time information to track and analyse SGBV cases nationwide.

Crucially, Mr. Phiri took a moment to express heartfelt gratitude to all attendees, emphasising the importance of the cause and acknowledging the invaluable partnership with the European Union. The EU has consistently shown unwavering dedication, providing crucial funding and training prosecutors on the dashboard’s use through the Natwampane Project.

This collaboration symbolises a collective commitment to a safer, more just Zambia. The dashboard signifies the dedication to a society where the rule of law prevails and the rights of every citizen are safeguarded.

As the NPA embraces this tool, they are poised to make a lasting impact on the fight against GBV. By providing timely, data-driven responses and victim-centred prosecutions, the NPA is taking significant strides towards justice for survivors and accountability for perpetrators.

The event concluded with a strong call to action, urging prosecutors to maximise the potential of this tool and work collaboratively to forge a brighter, safer future for Zambia. Together, they aim to eliminate the scourge of GBV and inspire hope for all those affected by these heinous crimes.

In essence, the launch of the SGBV Prosecution Dashboard marks a significant turning point in Zambia’s battle against Gender-Based Violence, underlining the unwavering commitment to justice, safety, and gender equality.