Historical Milestone achieved as Zambia Law Enforcement Agencies sign first ever National Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery Curriculum


Today, signalled a momentous milestone in law enforcement as all Heads of the 21 institutions under the Inter-Agency Task Force led by the Director of Public Prosecution, the Chairperson, showed their collective and conscious resolve to cooperate and coordinate in the fight against financial crimes and asset recovery by the signing of the training curriculum in financial crime investigation and asset recovery.

The signing of the curriculum was preceded by four months of intense training, consultation, drafting, validation and development of the national curriculum both by international and local experts in Mombasa, Kenya.

The national curriculum aims to create a future where cooperation and coordination among all law enforcement agencies involved in financial investigations becomes the norm.

The training that all law enforcement officers will receive under the signed national curriculum will create a synergy that will ensure uniformity in investigations. It is envisaged that this will lead to enhanced quality of financial investigations, prosecutions and ultimately leading to an increase in convictions in the area of financial crimes and asset recovery.