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The People vs. Sibetta Sibetta – Case No. RMAO/350/22



Welcome to the first segment of our Conviction Updates series. The aim of this series is to share recent judgments of public interest. Today, we share the legal outcome of a case involving Sibetta Sibetta, a former Assistant Immigration Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Case Overview

Sibetta faced 117 Counts, including Forgery and Theft by Public Servant charges. He was accused of forging bank deposit slips and stealing US$165,900 between August 2014 and January 2021 in Nchelenge, Luapula Province.

Legal Proceedings

Despite pleading not guilty, Sibetta was found guilty after trial before Resident Magistrate Mbewe in Nchelenge.


Resident Magistrate Mbewe sentenced Sibetta to five years in prison with hard labour, with effect from December 22, 2023. The Court also ordered him to repay the stolen amount.

This conviction reaffirms our commitment to justice, fighting fraud, and ensuring accountability for misusing public trust. We’re dedicated to protecting public resources and upholding institutional integrity.

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