Transforming Masculinity: Zambia’s Coaching Boys to Men Initiative.


Chali Mbewe-Hambayi the head of the Gender Based Crimes Department at the National Prosecution Authority, chaired a significant side event during the 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The side event was under   the theme “The Impact of the Coaching Boys in to Men Programme ” which is a collaborative initiative between the Zambia Centre for Communication Programmes and the government of Zambia.

This programme aims to address harmful gender norms prevalent among boys which undermine the quest for gender equality and empowerment for women and girls.  The program seeks to instill positive masculinity and promote non-violent conflict resolution methods. By engaging boys at an early age, the programme aims to cultivate a generation of men who actively support gender equality and reject gender-based violence.

It is recognised that the advancement of gender equality and empowerment for women and girls cannot be achieved without the involvement and support of boys and men. The Coaching Boys to Men Programme represents a proactive approach to fostering gender equality by targeting attitudes and behaviours in boys that contribute to gender-based discrimination and violence. Through education and mentorship, the program strives to create a more inclusive and equitable society where all individuals have the opportunity to thrive.