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Former Judge Wilfred Muma Pleads Not Guilty Amidst Legal Controversy.


In a compelling legal narrative that has captured national attention former judge of the Mongu High Court, Wilfred Muma on the 25th March, 2024, pleaded not guilty to charges of willful failure to comply with legal procedures during his tenure as Commissioner of Lands. The allegations, originating from the Lands and Deeds Registry Act, have thrust Muma into the spotlight, leading to his appearance before a panel of three judges at the Lusaka High Court.

The crux of the matter revolves around accusations that Muma, in his capacity as Commissioner of Lands, orchestrated the cancellation of a certificate of title for a public property located in the heart of Lusaka, spanning a critical period between April 01 and December 31, 2018. This legal entanglement has not only piqued the interest of legal scholars and practitioners but has also sparked intense public scrutiny.

During the legal proceedings, Muma made a valiant effort to challenge the jurisdiction of the Lusaka High Court, advocating for the case to be handled initially by the Lusaka Magistrate Court. However, his arguments were swiftly dismissed by a panel of Judges Pixxie Yangailo, Annie Ononuju, and Ian Mabbolobolo, paving the way for the trial to proceed at the High Court level.

The complexity of the case deepened in June 2023 when President Hakainde Hichilema, acting upon the recommendations put forth by the Judicial Complaints Commission’s report, made the decision to remove Judge Wilfred Muma from his position on the bench. Pursuant to the provisions of Article 143 of the Constitution.

The core of these legal proceedings include allegations of misconduct related to the contentious transfer of Zambia Army property in Lusaka to the Patriotic Front (PF) for partisan purposes between April and December 2018.

His attempt to take his own life by plunging into the Zambezi River sent shockwaves through legal and media circles adding yet another twist to this multifaceted legal saga.

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