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BREAKING NEWS: High-Stakes Trial against Danny Pule Hits Snag, Adjourned to June 21st

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In a dramatic turn of events, the highly anticipated trial of Christian Democratic Party president Danny Pule failed to commence today as expected. Pule faces charges of Seditious Practices.

The prosecution was poised to present its case, but Pule’s legal team raised a preliminary issue, alleging bias on the part of the court due to its connection to the Zambezi region, which is at the centre of the alleged charge.

According to an affidavit filed in support of the preliminary issue raised, the deponent, Mr. Danny Pule, states that:

“Records before this honourable Court will show that I have been charged with an Offence of Seditious practices… The particulars of the Offence are that it is alleged that I uttered seditious words to promote feelings of ill will or hostility between different communities or different parts of a community.”

He further states that:

“The offence that I have been charged alleges that the subject community being affected is that of the Zambezi region of Zambia which includes Western, Northwestern and Southern… I know as a matter of fact that the Court before which I am appearing is Tonga from the Southern Province.”

Mr. Pule alleges that:

“There is a high likelihood that I may not be fairly tried as it is apparent that some biases may arise out of the Courts position in terms of tribe and where the Court hails from… It is my Constitutional right to be regarded innocent until proven guilty and to have a fair trial before an impartial tribunal.”

He also states that:

“I have noticed that this Honourable Court is being presided over by Your Worship a member of the Zambezi region which is the subject matter in the charge that has been levelled against me… In order for me to have a fair hearing and the need to have my matter adjudicated by an impartial tribunal I want the matter to be adjudicated upon by someone in whom I have confidence there will be no trappings of the subject community attributed to the adjudicator.”

Proceedings in the matter were adjourned after the court asked the State to file written submissions in response to the preliminary issue by tomorrow before close of business. The defence will then respond to the State’s response on Monday before close of business, and the court will rule on 21st June at 14:30 hours. The legal community and the public are eagerly awaiting the outcome, as this case sets a crucial precedent.

Meanwhile, another high-profile trial is set to begin on Monday, June 17th. Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu will face charges of Seditious Practices.
In related news, Mfuwe Member of Parliament Maureen Mabonga, Edith Nawakwi, and Brebner Changala have also been charged with Seditious Practices, adding to the list of prominent figures facing legal action for their alleged Seditious Practices.
Stay tuned for further updates on this gripping legal battle.

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