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The NPA Recognised for Excellence at 2024 Africa Public Service Day


Lusaka, Zambia, 23.06.2024 – The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) made a notable impact at the 2024 Africa Public Service Day, securing 2nd place in the highly regarded Service Excellence Awards. This recognition, under the category, “Most Transformed and Innovative Institution,” underscores the NPA’s dedication to modernizing their tools to enhance their operations and in the process also enhance their delivery of prosecution services.

Held at East Park Mall in Lusaka, the event’s theme was “Empowering a Citizen-Centric Public Service for an Inclusive and Thriving 21st Century Africa: A Journey of Lifelong Learning and Technological Transformation.” Within this vibrant setting, the NPA’s achievements captured significant attention, marking a crucial moment in their ongoing evolution.

The NPA’s success was prominently displayed through their engaging participation at the event. Their booth, adorned in signature blue, attracted a steady stream of visitors eager to learn about the authority’s vital functions. Through informative displays and interactive sessions, the NPA highlighted their role in prosecution and the public service.

A key aspect of the NPA’s presentation was their integration of technological advancements, showcasing how modern tools are enhancing their operations. This innovative approach not only impressed the awards committee but also aligned perfectly with the event’s focus on transformation and lifelong learning.

Attendees at the NPA booth were impressed by the institution’s creativity, innovation, and commitment to empowering a citizen-centric public prosecution service. The display, the conversations and activities all illustrated the initiatives that earned the NPA this prestigious accolade which speaks to the institution’s service-oriented ethos.

Securing 2nd place in the Service Excellence Awards highlights the NPA’s commitment to innovation and excellence. This recognition marks a significant milestone in their journey, celebrating their contributions to creating a more inclusive and effective criminal prosecution landscape in Zambia. The NPA’s achievement at the 2024 Africa Public Service Day is proud proof of its vision and efforts toward a brighter future.

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The National Prosecution Authority is a statutory body established by the National Prosecution Authority act No. 34 of 2010 with a mandate of instituting criminal proceedings on behalf of the state.

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