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Witness Tampering AllegationsRock High-Profile Case – *Prosecution Cries Foul


Lusaka, Zambia, 21.06.2024 – A dramatic turn of events has unfolded in the ongoing trial of Fredson Yamba and Joseph
Malanji, as the prosecution alleged witness tampering and interference by the accused persons.

In a riveting courtroom session before Magistrate Hon. Ireen Wishimanga, the trial of Fredson Yamba and Joseph Malanji took a startling turn. Mukelabai Kwaleyela, Senior Investigations Officer of the Anti Money Laundering Investigations Unit, brought grave concerns to light regarding witness interference in the ongoing case.

Kwaleyela revealed, “Your honour, I’m facing serious challenges in bringing witnesses to court in this matter.” He detailed incidents where witnesses were allegedly approached and offered money not to testify, leading to considerable setbacks in the trial proceedings.

The prosecution, led by Senior State Advocate Mukuma Chilila Chipawa, raised urgent alarms, citing interference by one of the accused, Joseph Malanji, dating back to 2022 in Turkey. Shockingly, even witnesses from government employ expressed discomfort in testifying, citing security concerns.

Magistrate Wishimanga probed for concrete evidence of these allegations, urging the prosecution to substantiate their claims. Despite compelling arguments and suspicions, the court emphasised the need for verifiable proof before considering sanctions against the accused for witness interference.

The defence, led by Makebi Zulu and Bernard Steffani, countered the allegations, labeling them as speculative and lacking substantial evidence. They highlighted procedural flaws and the absence of concrete documentation to support the prosecution’s assertions.

In her ruling, Magistrate Wishimanga refrained from imposing sanctions due to insufficient evidence but sternly warned against any future interference with witnesses or court processes. The trial adjourned to Monday, 24th June 2024, signaling a tense pause in this high-stakes legal battle.

Stay tuned for further updates as this gripping courtroom saga unfolds.

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